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The voices from beyond said...

Friday, December 12, 2003
Note to self: Keep a spare under the doormat. 

Current mood: Embarrassed
Current music: Light and Shade - Fra Lippo Lippi (they still play this?)

Another note to self: Do not publicly announce where you keep your keys.

I got locked out of my own apartment. Scatterbrain feat of the year. My roomies aren't replying/answering my calls. Their duties in the hospital usually ends at around 6 to 8-ish. The apartment management office have spare keys, but it opens at 8. I have a 9am class. Now why did I have to grab a Bacon Mushroom Melt Combo (upsized iced tea and upsized fries) in Wendy's at 3am? Sabagay, it wouldn't have caused any harm had I remembered to bring my keys. I never mastered how to do that atm card lockpicking trick that was demonstrated to me before (much to my neighbors' unconscious relief).

Good thing I took a bath before I left my apartment. Meanwhile, I waste precious sleeping time here in yet another dinky computer shop, along with Ragnarok players, bi-manila and other gay channels chatters, and other scatterbrains who got locked out of their own apartments. Hmmm...maybe I should post an ad in main.

Cute bi discreet got locked out of his own place. Lookin for discreet chinito mestizo with big dick and a place. No chubbz, effemz and jhologz, plz. Mack me!
I need to sleep.