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The voices from beyond said...

Thursday, February 05, 2004
Anaphylaxis - Achtung, her caterpillars! 

Current mood: Sore
Current music: Berlin - Take My Breath Away (this in my playlist?)

So there I was, chatting with thenatureboy in the last minutes of our monthsary thru IRC, when a netsplit occured. No issue there, but after the netsplit, my back started to ache. At first I thought it was due to my bum stomach, since I've been crapping my guts out for some reason. Then, minutes later, I started coughing. Dang, I thought my cough is cured. My breathing started to get shallow, heaving at every inhale/exhale. Then I began to flare up, my entire body getting hot hot hot (no, my sunshine and I weren't engaged in c2c). When I turned on the lights, I noticed that my entire body is covered in rashes (oh, so that wasn't just the mosquitoes, unless an entire fleet of buggers took a blood sampling without me knowing). Hurriedly, I fumbled through our medicine cabinet for some Celestamine (tm). Seeing that there is none, I turned on the light in my parents' room, took off my shirt for my parents to behold my itchies, while struggling for my breath. At first they said "iligo mo lang yan". "Hirap na ko huminga". Off we go.

We rushed to Capitol Medical Center. Emergency ward. Whoa. It's not my first time to be in one (first was due to a snake bite, that's another story), but it was...kinda like being in the set of ER (except that I really am in an ER and I could die of asphyxiation if nothing is done). Vital signs, check. What did you just ate before the attack? None that I have known allergies to. It's my first anaphylactic (or any allergic) attack. Made to lie down, turok ng Diphenhydramine. Woozy. Eldest kuya in a state of alert, willing to go there from his friend's party. Second kuya feigning indifference, was playing PS2 when I had the attack, and still is. They won't be needed, just my dad to shoulder the expenses. Mom rubbing my legs, feet and hands coz I was having chills. Ma, don't cry naman. Sleep.

Woke up. Rashes reduced to non-itching patches of red. Can breathe a little easier now. Paid bills. Bought Virlix (tm) from the pharmacy. Home. Now. My first anaphylaxis. Scary. I now have a hypoallergenic meal plan. I don't think i reacted to food. I'm almost certain it was due to some caterpillar poison dart that flew its way inside our computer room through the open window. You see, my dad has a patch of forest beside our house (less than a couple of square meters, but the trees are rather large). I'm still gonna follow the meal plan, just in case, but I'm shutting down the windows from now on.

Dang. Biological warfare. My enemies are closing in on me. I must fly to Okinawa for Hattori Hanzo no katana. (Number of times I've seen Kill Bill = 5 times on widescreen + twice on DVD).