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The voices from beyond said...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
How does that Semisonic song go again? 

Current mood: Sleeeeeepy
Current music: Semisonic - Chemistry

Zoinks said my blog looked stressful with its template.

/me looks at blog

Honga no, nakakarindi rin.

Looking back, I chose that template when I was at the peak of stress. I suppose my blog template choice reflected that. To wit,

"Shet, ok na kaya yung presentation namin sa flash?"
"Hmmm...lagyan ko kaya ng animated gif 'tong template na mukhang nips din?"
"OMG, di pa ko gumagawa ng paper for Humanities!"
"Oh, these colors would look just dandy for my comments page."

Now that I'm at my most benign in terms of academics (no, wait, I still have that dang paper for Humanities), this template looks appropriate. And someone like me who likes to post pictures in entries should use a clean-looking canvas. Oh diba, magpasahanggang sa blog eh chem parin ang nasa utak. Hokie lang. Comments e la vouz? (yuh yuh, i know. just ride along.)