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The voices from beyond said...

Sunday, June 13, 2004
That came as a pleasant surprise *giggles* 

Current mood: Satisfied
Current music: Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line

Isn't it about time he moved on? For a little more than 2 months now, I gather. He still hates my guts, evidently, but I'm glad he's more sedated now. He can be quite feisty.

I'm a bit shocked, though, at the fact that he's now with the post-lachrymose. And knowing these two people, I must say, it's an obvious fit. I'm really quite happy for them.

I just wish that I could express this happiness for them. I've drifted away in an act of self-preservation. Though it seems that we've grown apart now and are now living quite satisfactorily in our respective patches of earth, knowing how intensely random the world is, we'll bump into each other. After all, post-lachry lives in QC/Makati and the he lives near taft, and I thrive in those three areas. I'm a bit anxious as to how I would approach either of them, most notably the he, since I'm still in good terms (I think) with post-lachry, but we'll see how the drama turns out. Or, as it seems to transist to, (sur)real life.

We'll see. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata ng Huwag Mong I-nuckDown Ang Puso Ko.

He even quoted me! *gasp* I dunno if I should feel flattered or humiliated.